Advocacy Material 

During the course of work, we have worked with numerous like minded artists, academicians and organisations with whom we have built a repository of creatives that help further our cause. We have also created original artwork for fundraising purposes that displays work made by our saathis in the form of a calendar which can be viewed and downloaded here.

PHS Calender 2020

PHS Calender 2021

A Creative Campaign on Understanding Mumbai’s Water Realities

In 2019, we collaborated with the Social Communications Media (SCM) students at Sophia Polytechnic, Mumbai, to create campaigns with the objective of raising awareness around the issue of water access in the city. Our saathis had in-depth conversations with the SCM batch of 2019-2020 about the realities of water access inequality, and they created an important series of campaigns across print, social media, and TVC mediums.

The content created by the students based on the information we provided helps dispel a lot of myths and sterotypes held by the public regarding urban water supply. The finished campaigns were displayed at Media Brew, the SCM Department’s annual exhibition.

Print Campaign

Social Media Campaigns

The Cat is out of the Bag!

This series of creatives brings into the public eye some of the (shocking) biggest defaulters on water bills (source: BMC site).

Burst the Bubble!

This series of creatives was designed with the objective of destroying certain false beliefs that we hold with regard to water.



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Pani Haq Samiti
चुराकर पानी पीने के लिए क्यों मजबूर है ये युवा लड़की?अंबेडकर नगर, मलाड में रहने वाली कोमल की पानी की स्टोरी.#Water4all ... See MoreSee Less
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