At every stage, PHS compliments its work in communities with relevant research and  In addition, PHS also conducts independent needs assessment studies in different areas to strengthen their cause and work. Some important studies on the issue that have been powerful advocacy tools include:

  1. Analysis of Water Distribution Improvement Project initiated in K East Ward (2008)
  2. Rapid Assessment Survey Report (2010)
  3. Denial of Drinking water-Pricing life in Mumbai (2011)
  4. Life in Peril- Denial of Drinking Water and Sanitation in Mumbai (2011)
  5. Myths and Facts about Mumbai’s water (2012)
  6. Report on Water and Sanitation in Garib Nagar (2013)

Independent researchers have also conducted various studies on the issue. Significant publications include:

  1. Right to Water – Legal status and perspective (Adv Mihir Desai, 2011)

Advocacy methods have be multiple. Some of which include memorandums to the National Human Rights Commission, Maharashtra Water Resource Regulatory Authority (MWRRA) and Minority Commission, which has created pressure on the MCGM. Public exhibitions on the right to water and alternate media was used to create public awareness on the issue that affects a large percent of the city’s population.

In terms of legislative action, challenging the Maharashtra UDD circular denying piped water to ‘all unauthorized structures’ a PIL was filed by Pani Haq Samiti in October 2011. The final judgment made in December 2014 was a historic one. The bench presided by Justice Abhay Oak and Justice A S Gadkari stated that whether homes are deemed ‘legal’ or ‘illegal’ – in upholding Article 21 of the Indian Constitution – it is the responsibility of the government to provide water to all.