Our destiny is unequivocally interlinked with the larger ecological system of the planet. Water is the prerequisite for all forms of life on earth. and hence, it is common to all. Every living being has the same natural right over water as us, humans. Therefore, all living organisms must have unrestricted access to water. Since water is the source of life we strongly believe that it shall not be the subject of commodification by any means in any form.

Historically, water has been used as an instrument of discrimination and exclusion by social institutions. A just and equitable society cannot be imagined without the just and equitable distribution of water. Hence, natural right to water must be protected and promoted for the full realisation of human rights.

Right to water is fundamental precondition for the realisation of all other human rights Civilisations across the world have borne and flourished along the water systems and water has been the constituent element of the same.