PHS engages with forums on water at the state, national and international level. By integrating itself with a wider network of like-minded organisations, PHS is simultaneously working towards strengthening the national discourse on the human right to water.

PHS is a part of the National Platform Against Water Privatisation (NPAWP) at the national level and the Lokabhimukh Pani Dhoran Sangharsh Manch – an alliance which is active in the state of Maharashtra.

In 2009, PHS participated in the People’s World Water Forum which took place in Istanbul, Turkey. Between 2007 and 2009, PHS was also part of the movement to obtain recognition for the right to water as a human right in the United Nations General Assembly. It helped to secure written statements of support from water activists and public intellectuals in India for the same. In 2017, PHS facilitated the people’s representation to the United Nations Special Rapporteur to Water and Sanitation.

PHS works in collaboration with the following organisations: CORO India, Ghar Bachao Ghar Banao Andolan, Girni Kamgaar Sangharsh Samiti, Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA), Committee for the Right to Housing, Jal Biradari, BUILD, TISS, DON Bosco Foundation, Takshashila Foundation, Gandhi Vichaardhara Manch, Ambhojwadi Vikas Samiti, Aajmi Nagar Vikas Samiti, Mahila Vikas Parishad, Kharodi Vikas Samiti, Shehar Vikas Manch, Rathodi Mahila Vikas Samiti, Kachcha Rasta Vikas Samiti, Bhim Nagar Vikas Samiti, Mahila Mandal Fedaration, Footpathvasi Nagrik Sangathna, Ketaki Dhar Khadi Vasti Vikas Samiti and activists like Janak Daftari, Dr.N D Patil and Dr. Bharat Patankar, among others.